Millions of Stories, Millions of Opportunities

 At a franchise you go into business for yourself, not by yourself. Each year, millions of Americans start businesses, find jobs and gain skills through this unique business model.

@OurFranchise tells the stories of local franchise owners, employees and their communities.

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Stories of Opportunity

Discover how franchises across America help local business owners, their employees and their communities thrive.

Carmelo Marsala envisioned a paint that would provide a factory finish to non-wood surfaces. See how Marsala’s formula, with the help of a chemist, led to a multinational franchise business and a network of opportunity.

Tammy Reese is getting creative and giving back. Here’s how she rallied her community to support local law enforcement.

Explore How Franchising Contributes to the Economy

Today, there are nearly 733,000 franchise establishments representing 300 lines of business from quick-service restaurants to automotive, business and health services. More than 7 million people work at locally owned franchises in neighborhoods across the country. Take a closer look at the impact of franchising on our economy.

Franchise Advocate Resources

Explore the exclusive tools and resources available for you to promote the franchise business model and engage others with @OurFranchise.

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