Burritos for a Cause

Franchise businesses are continuing to give back to their communities through giving charitable donations, supporting local sports teams and contributing volunteer hours.

Ms. Reese, co-owner of a Moe’s Southwest Grill in Abilene, Texas, wanted the same for her community of Abilene.

But she wanted to approach things differently.

She knew that the Taylor County Sheriff’s Department, which serves Abilene, was about to retire its one and only drug canine due to age. They were in need of another, but drug canines can run anywhere from $6,000 to $10,000. 

“[As a franchisee], most of your contributions you don’t see – you give to a great group but you really have no clue where it really actually goes. I wanted the community to wrap themselves around this one and say ‘hey, [our police force] needs to buy another canine and we can help,’” said Ms. Reese.

Franchisees don’t often see the outcomes of their contributions. But the Abilene community really wrapped themselves around this one.

So she decided to get her franchise – and her community – involved. Ms. Reese announced that the opening day profits her new Moe’s Southwest Grill received would go towards the purchase of a new canine for the Taylor County Sheriff’s Department.

The community response was enormous.  They exceeded their goal of $8,000 towards a new canine.

The sheriff’s department got their new canine and gave it an appropriate name: Moe.

Today, the Sheriff’s department brings Moe over to the restaurant where the community can take pictures and interact with law enforcement. The effort to raise money for Moe has created a comradery between the community and the sheriff’s department.

“Everybody knows around this community that we came together to purchase this dog,” said Ms. Reese.


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